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Cultural design experience in Sao Paulo


I am working on an event where I have to create a really nice design experience for different cultures in SP. I want to invole all senses and that is why I would like to ask you, from all over the world, how you culture is like.

-what kind of light is most common in your country. (bright light, indirect light, etc)
-what do you like to eat the most
- what are common smells in your country
- what do people find beautiful (what kind of art, famous artists, music)
- what kind of fabrics do you use
- how do you interact at public gatherings
-about what do you talk mostly
- what are your traditions
- name some newcommer artist or new pop culture that is growing
- what kind of atmosphere suits the best to your culture

I would be very thankful if you could anwnser me with a short text about your culture in order for me to create and represent your beautiful culture in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Thank you bery much,


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