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Dating site scam - lost 750 euro - need an advice


My terrible experience of using ElitePartner dating website as an expat – need an advice

I have been an expat in Germany for over a year now, and of course started exploring dating scene locally. Being a young professional, and not having much time to date around, I really wanted to have quality selection of the dates and was ready to pay for it. That’s how I came around with Elitepartner and it has been very much disappointed, but also lost Protected content . Need advice – can I still get a refund or is it a scam that works and people have no hope to get their money back?
Being from the US, I have successfully used similar high-end services like EliteSingles, and know what I am comparing to.
1.First of all, they have a very lengthy registration process, when you have to go through a very detailed questionnaire. Unfortunately English is not available, and I used my very limited German and by the end of it, was just clicking just to get through

2.Apparently, there is a fine print stating that they will charge Protected content annual fee if I do not actively opt out within certain period of time. After registration, I never came back, never used the website. However saw Protected content withdrawn from my bank account after some time. When I contacted them explaining that I never used their service, and therefore ask them to refund the full cost, they said no – you signed the policy, we don’t owe you anything.

3.I mean, that’s a shady practice. Passive consent is already a shady practice from all the online sign-ups etc. Of course I should have been much more attentive, but they charged for one year ahead, and do not want to refund for 10 months that are still left 

4.After multiple email exchanges, they came up with 20% refund offer, which is Protected content . But god, Protected content sanction is too unfair for the service you never used. I guess that’s how they treat their customers. Any chance I can do anything about it? I would be ok if they refunded at least 50% and count Protected content into my idiot budget… but they don’t even want to go for halfway…

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