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Dealing with with the Superiority Complex.

I'll start from the definition according to Wikipedia:
"Superiority complex in everyday usage means having very high opinion of oneself. In psychology it refers to the same attitude, however in psychology it is considered that the attitude is actually a way to hide or compensate for feeling of inferiority. It was a term introduced by psychologist Alfred Adler in series of his books like "Understanding Human Nature", "Social Interest" etc."

What is your view on having to deal with someone who has the Superiority Complex, as intended from the psychological perspective? I'm sure that we have all encountered people who attempt to treat us in a belitteling fashion: the scenarios can be many - eg.: higher education, better financial position, racial, cultural, gender, age, higher hierarchical position… one of the classics for the expat group I think could also be “you are in my country, so I’m boss”.

I would be very interested to get your ‘twist’ on this issue.

All the best. :-)

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