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dear mothers

Hello fellow mothers. how are you all doing. I just want to let you guys know that you are doing a great job for everyday that you stay strong for your children through the sleepless nights and endless worrying when they fall down while playing or when your little baby coughs. I for one feel like the happiest person in the world for having a child. I am really grateful for this priviledge. although sometimes i miss being able to go the kitchen without worrying that my baby will roll out of bed,i love every minute of just being a mom, if anyone had told me it would be this wonderful i would have done it a long time ago,but i am glad that everything is working as it is,God has a better plan for us all.
When i was pregnant i was so worried that i would never get my body back, i was worried about my privacy because i planned to breastfeed,and i felt so stressed out about having to go to several places to get mommy supplies so then, i imagined that this must be hard for others moms as well. Please look at my photos to find your answer! i have everything moms need. mom's it's ok to pamper yourselves,after all, a happy mommy makes a happy home

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