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Deleting my Account


I see no point to utilize this board any longer. It has merely proven to be a waste of time and money. I see this place as not a place of meeting other people but rather a place where people offer good and services at Official Events.

I am tired of how management treats certain people, paid members. For those of you that we have exchange comments on this board at least the one's that have made sense, I thank you for that. It was a pleasure to discuss various view points with you.

Finally, there is absolutely no value in becoming a paid member here, as one can hardly justify value paid for that money to become a member.

All the best the people I have met and as for management you as a collective group need to grow up as this board is some what antiquated, just as your views on running it..

Former Member.

P.S. I cannot nor will I recommend Inter-Nations to anyone It would go against anything that I written thus far.

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