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DEMOCRACIES? ± Freedoms and Right? S/g missining?


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September 3: Summary of the major barriers to democracy (Not necessarily in the order shown), as given by participants so far:

1. Fear, personal, and externally induced.

2. Propaganda, conditioning: People have concepts which they think true, assumed through repetition of advertising for given ideas.

3. Lack of Education, or inadequate education. This probably goes hand in hand with number 2, since governments control school curricula, and thus control what must be taught and often, how it must be taught. Some of the requirements carry over as requirements to private school for their accreditation to be accepted.

4. Lack of Economic Democracy, induces the inequities in the political systems themselves. To this I would personally add, economic illiteracy of extraordinary proportions.

5. Complacency of majorities, and sort of "always look out for number 1" (self). If I'm doing fine, I'm not worrying about other who are not.

6. Corruptions and lack of transparency.

7. The force of law. Some democracies do not work because, while the constitution or laws are in favor of the said protection of individual rights, the lack of enforcement renders democracy a farce.

8. (Lazaros P20) Lack of individual representation. I think this means, when policies are followed without consideration to people who are personally adversely affected; such people do not have easy recourse. They have to go to court, or some protracted way of trying to get justice.

Obviously these points are interconnected in various ways, but I will leave that up to the panel to sort out, and elucidate points which so require it!

I would further ask for ideas on how to overcome these barriers. And don't be afraid to get into mischief!

August 28;

1. What, if any, is the most critical pin, which once handled, it would precipitate major changes towards real democracy?

2. What could be the most effective methods of handling that critical pin?
August 20, Protected content What one thing is the greatest barrier to achieving or restoring greater democracy?
Aug 16, Protected content conversation by this time seems to suggest that Democracy does not fully guarantee the human rights and freedoms it purports to foster. There are degrees of freedoms, and rights, and the personal satisfaction of individuals with the given system, depends ± on perception and conditioning...
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Aug 10, Protected content guess my last comment crowned the discussion under the heading: "Exporting DEMOCRACY to the World." Note the refinement of what appeared to be a common thread about Democracy...

Many people think there is no real democracy, and we are really not that free... maybe a little free-er than in many parts of the world, but even in the US and perhaps in Europe we are losing ground.
Aug 8, Protected content exchange between Torben and Jean-Baptiste.
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Started: August 5, Protected content another thread, there is a discussion about whether only Democratic countries should be allowed to participate in the Olympics.

Democracy by definitions means rule by the people. Many definitions are given through the thread. To be sure, most people don't think there is a totally functioning democracy in the world, and there's needed improvements.

In the US, there is what is called a representative Democracy; in practice, you get something that is like "Majority Rule" where the interests of the other side get ignored to some extent.

What is Democracy? How does it work? Why should we have it? Why should we not have it? How does it work in your country? What is the level of democracy in your country, if any? What is the prevalent system in your country? What are your personal aspirations for your country and the world?

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