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Deserted Island, 2 questions.

This is hypothetical but interesting way to get to know each other. I have 2 questions

1.) If you are the sole survivor on an otherwise deserted island and had just one book packed in your bags what would it be?

I remember that one popular answer was "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare." I know that is heavy reading and also heavy physically when you are limited to 23 kg in your luggage : )
Still that actually could be a good choice by sheer volume as well as quality.

2) For those that choose the Bible as I image some will I want to know one more thing.

Imagine that due to dire circumstances on the island you must slowly burn the all the pages of your Bible for starting campfires. The question is what is the single last page, the very last page that is left after all else is burned, and why?

I will tell you my choice as we go along and how I came upon the idea of this thread.


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