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Design and print brochure in china!

Hi, I have worked as a graphic designer for over ten year in Hangzhou, China.
Now because of the competition of businesses in china, most companies want the good-printed brochures to show their prodcuts and their companies. So the print machines with different sizes from Germany are prevailing in the city of Hanzhou, china. German printing machines are really good!
And as I know the paper prices is getting higher and higher based on the whole market changing, But it is still cheaper printing brochures in china than in developed countries.

If you are interested in cheap but good-printed brochures { especially you have to offer lots of brochures yearly for your customers and your buisness exploiting}, maybe you can contact me for a chat with it, then you will see how much you can low your cost for brochures each year.

It is just an imformation, smile.

if you want the certificates of our work and company, or the samples which we have done, please just tell me.

it is my Email, Protected content . or e-mail , Protected content

I will appreciate

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