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Diamonds are a girl's best friend


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(Thank you Phillip Masson and Mikhail Voroniouk for the correction)
On various threads in this section I have read posts regarding how media and advertising influence us more deeply than we imagine. Some seem to be saying that they form generations.
My question would be if this slogan actually first verbalised a truth about life that has been known to women down the ages. (Here I am thinking about Bedouins with tiers of bracelets and many others)
Or was my perplextion as a child upon seeing friendship in this context for the first time just childishness. I guess my parents must have taught me otherwise because I still can't condone this mixing of values but I ask you.
Do you believe that this slogan has manipulated masses or do you believe that the choices are finally ours and that family and parents are more influential in forming core beliefs.

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