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Disappearing threads


I am sick and tired of threads being deleted. Now one thread based on an article saying that non religious people are more intelligent than religious people is gone even when the conversation was polite.

It was nothing but a study, it meant nothing, it proved nothing but it was interesting topic to discuss politely.

Except obviously not in here.
Too many narrow minded people who report everything and anything that doesn't fit in their little world. Shall we all just talk about bees, flowers and world peace? That surely does not bother anyone.

I suggest that those members so easily offended stop opening threads that are about religion or politics or mention any country by name.

When I saw the topic I thought the thread is not going to live in this overly acidic environment.´

I can not understand this kind of censorship which quite frankly makes me think if there is any point of writing anything in this platform.. because it has become too sterile - nothing lives in here - you have killed both the healthy and the harmful bacteria.

For the first time here I am actually ...well ..angry.

No doubt this thread will join the others that have "gone from this place" to a place where no thread should boldly go. To Internations bin.

Edit: numerous typos, the ones I do not see when I post.

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