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Disappointed with your offshore investments??

As an expatriate, I am sure you have been approached by many offshore financial planners, and may have opened savings plans, investment bonds or consolidated your pensions into a QROPS pension trust.

Don’t worry, Im not trying to sell you anything! I do work for a expatriate financial advisory company called Infinity Finacial Solutions, however I manage a unique department where we provide complimentary advice to existing policy holders who are disapointed with their existing policies, or who may have, like many expatriates, lost contact with their financial adviser.

The majority of offshore investment vehicles available to expatriates are excellent policies, providing the tax advantages of living outside of your home country. However, in such volatile market conditions, it's vital to the performance of your investment portfolio that it is being managed actively and fitting to the market conditions. All too often investors lose contact with their financial adviser, leading to stagnant investment portfolios built around forgotten markets.

Infinity Financial Solutions is a leading expatriate financial planning company with clients in over 70 different countries worldwide. We have an exclusive partnership with the UK's number one wealth management company, Tilney-Bestinvest whom you may have likely heard of before. Tilney-Bestinvest are a leading UK investment and wealth management firm that builds on a heritage of more than Protected content , looking after more than £9 billion of client assets. They have won, and continue to win, multiple awards for their portfolio management strategies.

Have you lost contact with your existing wealth manager? Is your investment portfolio performing badly? If so, there is a very simple fix. As you already have a policy in place, you do not need to make any changes. The policy you have is excellent, but you need to make it work!

The great news is that there is no additional cost to you what so ever for a simple change of agency.

We at Infinity solutions will not make any commissions out of receiving management of your existing policy, nor will you be charged anything what so ever. Should you switch your management agent over to Infinity Solutions and appoint Tilney-Bestinvest as your portfolio manager there will be absolutely no charges or commitment from you, and no contract at all.

We simply want to provide you with the best investment strategy there is available to expatriate investors. When you start seeing the results, and the performance of your existing policies improve, Infinity will be in the first position to offer you advice when you look at alternative investments in the future.

Should you have any questions, please do drop me an email and I will be happy to arrange a time to discuss further on Skype.

My email address is Protected content .
My Skype is tmhenson.

Make the change today, and benefit in the future.

Kind regards,


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