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dissertation on nationality - expats in hong kong

Dear All,

I am currently a second-year geography undergraduate at Cambridge University in the UK. I am coming over to Hong Kong in August, in order to conduct research for my final year dissertation. I am intending to focus my research on expatriates in Hong Kong, looking at the ways in which national identity is retained, both at home and in social groups etc.

I am attempting to find out whether the importance of a national identity is gradually being diminished for those living and working away from their country of origin, or whether nationality remains a central part of people’s daily lives.
I was just wondering if I could get some initial thoughts on this, so I can think about how I will structure my ideas and research.

As an expat, do you consider yourself to be a ‘global citizen’ or ‘global nomad’? Or do you consider that your distinct national identity remains important whilst living in a different country?
How is your nationality reinforced in your daily life? (i.e. through your social activities, the friends you have, the food you eat?) Do you socialise mostly with people of your own nationality?

Thank you very much for your help! It would be very useful to get a few ideas of the directions my research might take.

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