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Divorce Manual - Calling all separating spouses and family lawyers in England!

Divorce Manual was a project that I started at the end of last year, when having been exposed to the British Family Courts and armed with a legal background, I decided to set about making the experience more comfortable for everyone concerned.

If you are a man or woman going through the divorce courts in Britain or you are a family lawyer who has to tackle the system daily to produce results for your clients, this forum is for you.

You are welcome to share your stories, from the court room to the conference table, from the lawyer's office to the judge's chambers; thoughts on how to improve the system or even praise for the parts that work, are invited on this thread.

Please feel free to visit the site and post a comment there, if you prefer to do so. The site offers resources and is a guide to the courts.

Divorce Manual invites you to share your point of view.

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