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DLD* 08 in Munich 20.-22.01.08

By the end of this week Chairmen Dr. Hubert Burda and High-Tech Investor Dr. Yossi Vardi will gather foremost international experts, designers, artists and pioneers from the digital industry, the media and the world of art and design at DLD08.

For the forth year running, DLD will form a platform for the digital elite by supporting the exchange of new ideas and providing insights into new developments of the 21st century.

If you are also joining this conference, please feel free to get in contact with me.

If you are not able to join I highly recommend you to watch the live-stream on Protected content *

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*Time Sessions
Sunday (Jan. 20th)
11:00 AM Guided Tours (please register online)
2:00 PM Sign-in start
2:45 PM DLD Opening & Welcome
(Stephanie Czerny & Marcel Reichart)
3:00 PM Smart boys on new markets
(Hubert Burda, Joseph Vardi, Martin Sorrell, Richard Wurman, Joe Schoendorf.
Moderator: David Kirkpatrick)
4:00 PM Challenges for a global brand
(Olaf Göttgens)
4:15 PM Aenne Burda Award for Creative Leadership Protected content
presented by Caterina Fake
followed by Spoon Circus, Neta & Yam
4:30 PM Style guides
(Martha Stewart, interviewed by Tyler Brûlé)

5:00 PM Break
5:30 PM Creating universes
(Paulo Coelho, David Silverman, Carolyn Porco)
6:30 PM Lufthansa Technology Forum
6:45 PM End DLD Sessions Day 1
Monday (Jan. 21st)
8:00 AM Sign-in start
8:45 AM Welcome & housekeeping
(Stephanie Czerny & Marcel Reichart)
9:00 AM Getting social
(Andrej Nabergoj, Matt Cohler, Reid Hoffman, Joanna Shields.
Moderator: Marc Samwer) Giants awake
(Vishal Gondal, Farokh Balsara.
Moderator: Kara Swisher.
Chauncey Shey, Yat Siu.
Moderator: Andreas Weigend)
10:00 AM Life: a gene-centric view
Craig Venter & Richard Dawkins
(Moderator: John Brockman) Surfing risks
(Morten Lund, Simon Levene, Philipp Freise, Ashish Patel.
Moderator: Martin Varsavsky)
11:00 AM Break powered by ScienceBlogs
11:30 AM Markets of mobility
(Viviane Reding, René Obermann, Tero Ojanpera, Marcus Englert, Paul-Bernhard Kallen.
Moderator: Hans-Peter Siebenhaar) Design: from thoughts to actions
(Greg Lynn, John Maeda, Yves Behar, Konstantin Grcic.
Moderator: Paola Antonelli)
12:30 AM Lunch break powered by Yahoo!
Special presentation: Food for Thought - Research Luncheon
(Start: 1:00 PM at Preysingsaal)
2:15 PM Humans disrupting algorithms
(Jason Calacanis & Jimmy Wales
Moderator: David Kirkpatrick) New playgrounds
(Judith Park, Gerhard Florin, Stanley Yang, Mattias Miksche.
Moderator: Ingo Griebl)
3:00 PM Protected content of joy
(Karina Hollekim.
Moderator: Rupert Schäfer) Inconvenient stories
(Ken Roth & Christoph Schlingensief)
3:30 PM Future city
(Patrik Schumacher, Charles Renfro, Elizabeth Diller, Bjarke Ingels, Richard Wurman.
Moderator: Kazys Varnelis) Ad exchange
(Omar Hamoui, Samir Arora, Magid Abraham, Christoph Schuh,
David Rosenblatt.
Moderator: Randy Rothenberg)
4:30 PM Break
5:00 PM Visions on energy
(David Faiman, Roby Stancel,
Herbert Kohler.
Moderator: Martin Kunz) Be visual!
(Alex Willcock, Addy Feuerstein, Brent Hoberman, Yogev Triki, Antonio Rodriguez.
Moderator: Linda Stone)
6:00 PM What's music worth?
(Stefan Glänzer, Pim Betist, Frank Briegmann, Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, Krister Linder.
Moderator: Jörg Rohleder) Educate & experiment
(Sugata Mitra. Daniel Dubno presenting Chuck Hoberman, Greg Harper and Pablos)
7:00 PM End DLD Sessions Day 2
9:30 PM DLD NIGHT powered by (at Hotel Bayerischer Hof)
feat. Yahoo! Artist Amy Macdonald, DJ Howie B
visual support: Miltos Manetas
Tuesday (Jan. 22nd)
8:00 AM Sign-in start
8:45 AM Welcome & housekeeping
(Stephanie Czerny & Marcel Reichart)
9:00 AM TV reloaded
(Dina Kaplan, Delia Cohen, Suranga Chandratillake, Niklas Zennström, Patrick Walker.
Moderator: Christiane zu Salm) Reality formula
(Hector Parra, Matthew Ritchie, Francesca von Habsburg.
Lisa Randall.
Moderator: Adam Bly)
9:45 AM Green transportation (Shai Agassi)
10:00 AM Archives and memory
(Thomas Bayrle, Cao Fei, Akram Zaatari, Taryn Simon.
Moderator: Hans-Ulrich Obrist) Exploding media
(Jeff Jarvis, Marissa Mayer, Clay Shirky, Bradley Horowitz,
Peter Hirshberg.
Moderator: Jochen Wegner)
11:00 AM Break

11:30 AM Generation web
(conversation moderated by
David de Rothschild) Digital gets physical
(Kati London, Julian Bleecker, Neri Oxman, Ohad Eder-Pressman.
Moderator: Kevin Slavin)
12:00 AM DNA-to-go
(Rivka Carmi, Anne Wojcicki &
Linda Avey.
Moderator: Esther Dyson)
12:30 PM Africa revisited
(President Paul Kagame, Naomi Campbell)
1:30 PM DLD08 Summary
(Stephanie Czerny & Marcel Reichart)
2:00 PM End DLD Sessions Day 3

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