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Do Democrats Have a Prayer of Beating Trump in Nov


I have been a registered Democrat sine the beginning. The Republican Party never appealed to me. They have been sleeping with big business and cronyism which has become so deep, the divide between corporations and middle-class has widened. As a moderate, I support political equality which prevents big business lobbyists capturing government shrinking space for economic policies which should further the interests of the broad majority of citizens.

My concern, is as a party, we have shifted so far left in such a short period of time, our party is now more associated with socialism than democracy. My fear is that so many in the party will be handing Trump a victory in November because they are promising programs and convincing the public that certain federal retirement benefits are entitlements. What they forget to add, is that we have paid into these programs, it is ours! I'm convinced, but Trump has the bull horn and has done a convincing job of persuading most Americans if you believe this, then you must be some kind of communist. And people are eating it up.

The problem is, we do have people in our party that are promising things the country cannot deliver for several reasons. including significantly raise taxes. If we cannot get on board and start appearing more moderate, stop some of our leaders from saying nice things about socialism, then I fear we may be seeing four more years of Trump and his MAGA society. Your thoughts?

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