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Do we need a Completely New Economy?

The Problem: Our current economy has evolved to serve the Enterprise at the expense of the Individual. People are mere commodities, exploited for the sole purpose of shareholder profits. The moment their contribution is deemed to no longer maximise shareholder profits, they are simply disposed of without a second thought, and with no consideration of the social cost.

The Solution: We need an economy that values a person for who they are, not based on the size of their paycheck; Where generosity of spirit is more important than self-centred gains; An economy that is always willing to reward people for their labour and has no unemployment; One that prioritises personal success above the success of an enterprise. An economy that eliminates inefficiency of under-utilized resources as opposed to ‘building warehouses’ to stockpile them. An economy that is open-source by design, where everyone is invited to contribute towards its creation. And lastly, an economy that is owned by the individual participants in proportion to their contribution, as opposed to one that is controlled by governments and central bankers.

The New Economy, in summary:

1. Full Employment for those who want to work
2. Prioritises an Individual’s success over that of an Enterprise
3. Unlocks Underutilised Resources

1. Everyone is unique and we all have something valuable to offer
2. Generosity of spirit triumphs self-centred gains

1. Open Source by design, where everyone is invited to contribute towards its creation
2. Owned by individuals in proportion to their contribution
Asset Backed Currency

If you agree with this strategy, please say so and feel free to share your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

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