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Do we need a monk in motorbike as lifes GPS


For me a Guru or teacher does not have to be holy if they have something to say that I never heard,do not care if they are just monk on a motorbike.

Here those are gems from Honorable Jaggi Vasudev said in Indian TV which I liked .

1. Hindus are not believers ,they are seekers.

2. Hindus are not seeking God ,they are seeking Mukti ( Freedom)

3.. Humans drink mothers milk but do not kill mothers for food.Like wise we can drink cows milk but not kill the cow.

4.Hinduism is not a religion of believing one Absolute God ,average Hindu believe dozens of Gods and Goddesses which ever will rescue with his specialty ,he is not sure.

5.There is too much human compulsion not enough consciousness ,so we blame unnecessarily gadgets which simply enhance our lives.

6. There is so much war going on in the world ,it is not between good and evil but between his belief,your belief and mine.

7. Guru's are not God they are simply our GPS ,

8. We fight with others because we think we know better .

9. If we have to do plumbing job with out any tool we will lose our fingers and teeth and then if we get a spanner to work with then we think that is a God sent life saver . Such is God it is just a achieve peace of mind.

10.Science is an on going Idea and technology is the tool to bring it to actuality.

11. Some people say with faith we can move mountain but actually we should not move the mountain because mountain is there for a reason.

Here is a video of Jaggi Vasudev, may be you will like it.

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