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Do we need a Super Power any way..?

The world has changed. Cold war ended long back. We had two superpowers struggling for dominance one over the other during those days.. Now for a long time we have a single super power and many are trying become power to reckon in the same line. Old socialists too are trying to gain back their lost glory.

But we understand the world has changed. The attitudes have changed. Every third country is trying to become a nuclear power or missile power. But do we need a second superpower or any super power at all..? The nations should not be struggling to become superpowers rather should be struggling to the welfare of the planet as a whole. Alleviating poverty and terrorism should be the priority of all nations. If at all there is a superpower that should be a United nations kind of global organization but not the same U N what we have now at least in its constitution.

There was a talk of a Second kind of superpower which a New York Times Article which was widely discussed in the year Protected content went something like

.. The new superpower possesses immense power, but it is a different kind of power: not the will of one man wielding the 21,000-pound MOAB but the hearts and wills of the majority of the world's people.

In it, he advocated four ideas: embrace the concept explicitly within the peace movement as an inspirational goal and a counter to the "first superpower" idea promoted by the Bush administration, continue to develop blogging and other means of linking the community globally, find ways to influence first superpower institutions including international institutions and international law, and continue to develop reflective personal consciousness so as to be able to lead from love rather than fear

Overall, what can be said for the prospects of the second superpower? With its mind enhanced by Internet connective tissue, and international law as a venue to work with others for progressive action, the second superpower is starting to demonstrate its potential. But there is much to do. How do we assure that it continues to gain in strength? And at least as important, how do we continue to develop the mind of the second superpower, so that it maximizes wisdom and goodwill? The future, as they say,is in our hands. We need to join together to help the second superpower, itself, grow stronger

Any takers for the Idea?

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