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Do women chose beauty over health?

Hello everyone, I am supporting a great campaign with global reach aiming on raising awareness about women's mental and physical´health from a small non-profit organization NGO and I am helping in making it public:

Women worldwide are invited to show their support to THE BFFC WOMEN'S HEALTH PREVENTION PROGRAMS WITH GLOBAL REACH Protected content banishing the bras from their breast for one whole week.

Why the bra? Because it is challenging for many of us. We might feel different without one, also uncomfortable. It is challenging to feel unattractive and different and it is not usual that women in developed countries don’t wear one. For some it is embarrassing being braless in public.

Breasts have always been seen as something sexual, but for women they are sometimes also bound with monthly pains, health and aesthetical problems. We ask men to respect, encourage and support women to take charge of their health.

The message of the campaign is NOT “Wearing bra is not healthy”. We don’t think that wearing a bra causes cancer. And this is NOT THE MESSAGE OF THE CAMPAIGN. THE MESSAGE IS BECAUSE PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. To prevent it is important to realize risks of actions and habits. And to adjust and learn other ways before you get sick

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The BFFC WEEK is always from 1th to 7th of every month.

Be a BFF - brafree friend who gets involved in the BFFC (Brafree for Charity) mission and the idea and support it. No matter of age or sex.

So, would anyone of you go bra free to work or on a date or to a party?

And why actually women wear bras?

Would you stop wearing it if you knew that it could cause breast cancer?

Would you stop wearing it if causes cysts?

Would you chose beauty over health?

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