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do you believe in palmistry, astrology etc?


Hi folks. i always thought palmistry, astrology , horoscopes etc had no basis in scientific thinking or even in rational thinking.
but over the years i have , out of curiosity , checked my horoscope often enough and allowed palmists to peer at the simple lines on my palm. A passing yogi stopped at my table in a cafe and declared that i have a face of prosperity and good luck based on face reading . heh heh.
And i am still slightly shocked how the chinese zodiac sign for me describes me so accurately. plus i am such a total Sagi based on my character etc that it is unbelievable that the way Sagi women are described is so much like how i am
tell us , what do you think of all this ?
And why do you think it is at all significant in how we think and how we plan for our life. thanks.

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