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Do you have difficulties being paid online?

Dolma International Limited, a British firm trading as Catch Friday - Your Virtual Assistant recently set up an online shopping cart, which integrates with Merchant Accounts and Paypal, offering the solution on their plan to provide better maintenance and value to businesses.

Lawrence Perry, their Managing director encountered a problem that many online entrepreneurs face when they want to have a shopping cart, from his hosting company Godaddy in Arizona, who introduced him to Pay Vision.

Pay Vision's communication with his application for the Merchant Account, kept him waiting and their demands for paperwork dragged on. He finally became exhausted to find out by phoning them that they had refused his application and not told him.

Although Godaddy refunded all costs, time was spent on a hiding to nothing with frustration - some two to three month's - can businesses afford to be kept waiting by banks?

Fortunately HSBC bank in London, UK was much more accommodating, and CatchFriday's shopping cart now integrates with them and Paypal.

So do other online entrepreneurs and small businesses think that a Merchant Shopping Cart is the way forward? - Yes, definitely and you would be surprised at how many of them are fed up with Paypal!

However the Merchant Bank Account will only work with the account holder setting up a shopping cart, and subsequent integration is not as simple as it appears. Perry noticed many firms want monthly rental on their shopping carts, and that the overall cost can be out of proportion to their need. Perry had his programmers look at it, and they introduced an easy solution.

Thank heavens that it is good that Catch Friday have virtual assistants available twenty two hours a day during the working week to give the virtual support, that clients want.

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