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Do you how to buy property in Brazil ?

Documents required for purchase of property by foreigners in Brazil

By Brazilian law any foreigner can buy property in the city without restriçõess BRAZIL. irrelevant if the buyer is domestic or foreign, whether natural or juridical person, or is domiciled or has its headquarters in Brazil or abroad.

The CPF (Individual Registration) is a mandatory document for Brazilians and foreigners who have assets and rights in Brazil subject to public record, including buildings, vehicles, embarcaçíμes, aircraft, participaçíμes corporate, banking accounts, and financial market aplicaçíμes capital. It is used by the Ministry of Finance for purposes of taxation
In the case of a foreigner, to CPF need the following documents:

* Valid passport and / or RNE (National Register of Foreigner) valid
* Birth certificate translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator and authenticated by the Brazilian Consulate in the country of origin.
* Form Registration Form for Individuals Where the SFC may be requested:

* Brazilian Consulates abroad
* Federal Revenue in Brazil, passing by Mail or before Bank of Brazil, to fill the form of Individual Registration Form. In this case, the SFC may also be requested via proxy.

When the buyer (a) are married (a) will also require the submission of the spouse's CPF

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