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Do you like to participe in a internet web proyect

Hi Internation's friends. My name is Rafael Alcalde, from Caracas, Venezuela. I'd like to comment to you about a internet proyect called " Ciudadanos del Mundo" ( citizen of the world). In this proyect people of diferents countries around of world send a video of our cities were live them. You can to convert yourself in your city reporter. The video can show this special places as a monument, tourist atraction, a courius shop or restaurant, tipycal bazaar, religius, a beutiful beach, mountain etc. Create a video of less 3 minutes. . This is a presentation example of my proyect:

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You don't worry. I can edit your material. You can record your video by camrecord, tablet, phone etc. Here I give you example of my report from Caracas.

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Don't worry is you speack in English I can put a caption titles :)
For created you video must send me 3 part of videos to edit it. 1) Your presentation like cimi of your city and country like the example. You name and lastname 2) all images and videos about the atrattion. 3)your said good bye and to animate to visit this place.
You can send the material and video a this mail: Protected content
if you want I can to agree your email, instagram o twitter for you promotion. I hope your participation in this proyect as cimi of your city. I published by internet then I,ll receive 6 or 7 report around of world. I will wait your participation . Thanks
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