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Do You really know your passions ??

Do you really know your passions? Do you have joy and fulfillment ?

Mar 1, Protected content

Steve Jobs said "The only way to be truly satisfied is to is to do what you believe is great work . The only way to do great work is to love what you do ( passions ).If you have not found it yet keep looking .Do not settle ."

In USA 70 % of people based on a Protected content ( Gallup) do not really like what they do and many have to........ Do they ? Who said they have to ? This means frustration , waste of lives and lower productivity ( recent study talks about more than Protected content USD ) . Not having statistical data but having lived in 5 countries and traveled the world I believe the rest of the world could be in a similar situation. .

Many people start their lives , devote time on education ( which nowadays in many cases is getting fast outdated ) , integrate in the system , follow without asking questions ( what I call live in the fog ! ) , enjoying or complaining and in the majority of the cases complaining without asking what is my purpose on planet earth ? Definitely not to suffer but to "experience , enjoy and learn" . The majority of the people that do not enjoy are so much integrated in the system that do not take the time and distance from daily life to reflect about their lives and what they would really love to do !

This is something that the western education system does not really caters for or really pay attention ( the system is focusing on brain work and is neglecting feelings and spirit ) and It would be great if we had a process to help people to find and follow their passions in combination with what they are good at and what the society needs in various stages of our lives . With the really exponential growth of many new technologies ( Networking , Artificial intelligence , Social Networking , Computing and Data Analytics , Sensors , Mobility and freedom ,.... ) the trend of many people graduating from the universities with an outdated degree will accelerate .

To my humble view it will be great for people and society to have a process included in the education system to find out what I call our "sweet spot of life" in a few critical stages of our lives ( before university , from school to work , when we have major professional or social changes in our lives ) . What I define as "sweet spot of life" is the sweet spot of 3 overlapping circles.

1.Our Passions , What we love to do and for this the Passion Test process is a good tool . Protected content

2. What we are good at ( our talents , what we are born with and our skills we develop during our lives) and for this there are also many tools like Strengths finder 2

3. What is good for the society meaning a purpose bigger than ourselves and value producing .

Although I am sure there are many studies and papers for all above subjects a simple system/process that becomes part of the education system will be beneficial for the society . For the time being this is more a private individuals and companies activity . Thank you and I welcome comments

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