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Does anyone remember "Carlos the Jackal" in 1980s?

I remember "Carlos the Jackal" in 80s, twice from Heathrow I decided to go to Paris and at the last moment declined as I was worried about getting hit by the Jackal at Paris.

I remember my British friends advised me that I might become collateral damage at Paris.

I will like to thank to the French Military Attache at London who organized my French visa within 30 minutes.

I guess in 80s I was petrified by the capability of "Carlos the Jackal".

Today I will like to thank Billy Waugh:

Billy Waugh has worked for more than 50 years and in more than 60 countries as a U.S. Army Special Forces active duty or CIA ground soldier. He was among the first U.S. soldiers to join the Special Forces in Protected content was among the first to be called a Green Beret. In Protected content , Waugh was the team leader of a four-man CIA group that laid the groundwork for the capture of Carlos the Jackal, the world's most wanted man at that time.

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