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Does anyone want full employment across Europe?

A solution to the Euro Zone crisis - Economic recovery and sustainability through full employment. The best way to inject cash and stimulus into an economy, without fuelling inflation is to apply quantitative easing at the lowest levels of the economy and not at the top via the banking system. This can be achieved by national banks printing money and paying the unemployed a ‘back-to-work’ salary of 90% of the current minimum salaries being paid in the private sector. Unemployed persons must work for 3 days per week on community maintenance and development activities that are not carried out by any private sector business, so as not to distort the market with ‘unfair’ competition. This leaves 2 days per week to search for higher paid employment in the private sector, or attend free vocational education on a 1-day a week basis.

Unemployed people who are physically and mentally able to work, must perform this work, otherwise they lose their right to any welfare benefit.

This strategy ensures that economic stimulus starts at the lowest levels of the economy and works up, meaning poorer people receive greatest benefit and more people take a slice of the cake. Since this ‘back-to-work’ salary is always kept on par with the lowest paid jobs, there always remains the incentive for people to look for higher paid employment. This also introduces a market force on the private sector to increase the rates given to lower salaried unskilled employment. Additionally, a ‘back-to-work’ program helps the unemployed to get back into the working routine and to re-establishing the work ethic.

A solution to the Euro crisis, corrupt international financial systems, and global economic failure…. Protected content

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