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Does your city support terrorism?

It's simply amazing the extent to which the media, global organizations and some of the most beautiful cities in the world white-wash the atrocities committed by radical terrorists in the "Palestinian" territories.

What do Florence, Dublin, Naples, and Dundee have in common? Well, there are sister cities to a little town called Nablus located in the "Palestinian" area. I am sure there are lovely people living in the quaint town of Nablus. But Nablus is the same city in which some of its citizens celebrated the recent murder of a rabbi and his wife (committed in cold blood in front of their 4 children) near the city of Nablus with fireworks, dancing and revelry in the streets.

At least one local councilman Mats Danielson has the good sense and decency to condemn the sister city relationship which his town Stavanger, Norway enjoys with Nablus.

Mr. Danielson said to the newspaper Rogalands Avis:
(T)he friendship between the cities could reflect our shared values, norms and customs. This is proof to the contrary. Our twin city, Nablus, is praising terrorists". Mr. Danielson rightly called for his city to end their sister city relations with Nablus which by the way also named a square after the terrorist Naif Abu Shawah, who helped plan a string of suicide bombings in Israel, including one in Protected content killed 23 people!

Not to be out done by dancing in the streets to celebrate the death of an innocent family and dedicating public memorials to known radical terrorists, another thing terribly wrong with Nablus is that its former mayor, Mahmoud al-Aloul, has a long history of condoning and inciting violence. In Protected content , he called for a Third Intifada in Jerusalem, encouraging young men to "rise up" and attack Jews in the city. This is something completely different to calling for a nice town apple pie bake-off in the park, folks.

Simply amazing as to how far Nablus is able to fool the West as to its true face. Does your city support terrorism?

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