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Dog Training - Fuengirola

Hi all -

I just recently relocated my father back from the USA after about 57 years. Coming with him are 'the kids' (a 3yr old McNab & an older cat) - We are in need of trying to locate someone who can help dad train Lucy (the McNab) to acclimatize to her new env. She's an extremely smart pup, however, she's from Colorado and a place where noise/commotion/etc is minimal, or at least, tightly controlled.

Dad is getting older and isn't fully able to manage on his own. I only just relocated him to this side of the globe and am going to be required to be heading back to Ireland for many months (I will be in ES 49% of the year with dad).

Lucy is very much trained in the finer arts of toilet, and related - however - where she finds herself lacking is the social skills. Prior to moving to EU she had never been a dog to bark in public, be aggressive, or other Protected content , she plays rough, it seems like fighting - dogs of equal stature get along perfectly, even those that don't Protected content -- she has begun to act like a teenager whose starting to be the bully. Picking on younger dogs, barking at other dogs, etc etc.

TL;DR - some days you could leave her off-leash at the dog beach, no problem. Other days, you can't spend five minutes, ON leash, before she's grounded and needs to go home.

If anyone can offer any referrals on trainers/programmes, it would be much appreciated :)

Side note - I am arriving back into ES again in about a week. I will be there for around 4-6weeks before I need to head back to IE again.


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