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Doing business in India- Obstacles

hello to everybody!

I am currently working on my graduation project which is focused around one topic :'Doing business in India'.
I am particulary interested in obstacles which can be met by foreign enterpreneur while setting up its company in India or expanding its business on indian market.

Since Indian market its becomeing more and more competetive and attracting more and more business mind oriented people I found that topic enough interesting and up to date to create something like 'guide book' for foreigners who are traveling to india mainly because of business purpose.

I worked in India and spent some time over there..learning and observing people behavour...trying to understand the culture and its influence on day to day tasks.
It is always good to listen to those who had chance to explore India and who probably found plenty of obstacles on their way before getting used to social and economical environment.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you in advance!

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