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Doing business in or with Africa : You 're covered


Doing business in or with Africa : We’ve got you covered in every aspect of your business
We Provide clients with innovative strategies to engage select nations and entities in Africa on a broad range of issues including investment facilitation, crisis management, corporate social responsibility projects and/or promotion of global policies that foster enterprise solutions for development..
We Develop and execute strategies to grow your client base.
We Conduct sector specific competitiveness analysis and develop and implement action plans based on the findings to facilitate trade.
We help to develop linkages between businesses in Africa and businesses in the US and across the world.
Our Online resources
1.Gain free access to our Content Management of African Countries
Protected content profile from different sources such as World Bank, USAID, United Nations ...
2.Leverage our knowledge of the socio-cultural environment by having on your side a database of International and local Consultants with a proven record worldwide .

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