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It’s cool to be passionate about what you do. It transforms your job into a calling. And you definitely want to be good at what you do and thus grow above yourself, learn and achieve more in the transformation process.

As exciting as that is, it’s tied up not only to expenses but is also very time consuming. Hunting for this new book, spending on the new software, visiting workshops, conferences and symposiums. And now this endless race of trying keep in touch to the important and successful professionals from your field via social media. On the other hand we have friends we need to care for, friends and parents we want to meet and share with etc..

How do we find a balance?

One needs to somehow optimize them to get the best from the capacities that are already at your disposal. In fact, you don’t need to buy everything you need or looking for from the scratch, you simply need to know, where to look for it. People you know might already have it and you in return also have something to offer them.

Wouldn‘t it be practical to have a platform, where you can see what your friends have to offer and add your own stuff? In fact, knowing who has what would save my time, money and disappointment. Then I thought that it would have been much easier to make a request just once and not to ask many people separately.

Now we simply need to know what our colleagues have to offer. Wouldn‘t it be practical to have a platform, where you can see what your friends have to offer and add your own stuff?
I even tried to look for any already existing solutions. But this way I have only encountered a range of online flea markets.Therefore I decided to turn to my geek friends with this idea. Together we have created USARIUM, a smartphone app for Android & iOS, which allows you to:

1. Create a group of trusted members and share only with them.
2. Identify who is contacting you through a six hand graph (apparently we are connected to anyone on Earth through just six people). By analyzing your phone book, USARIUM helps you to see which circle of friends this person belongs to.

Understanding who is in front of you - a colleague, a friend of a colleague or an acquaintance of a friend - an owner of an item can make a deliberate decision.
And what‘s more - everything is accounted. USARIUM remembers whom, when and under which conditions the item has been rented out to and reminds the counterpart about it.
Add what you have, see what others have to offer. USE, don‘t buy!

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