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Don't let your guard down.

I have been home all weekend since I was not feeling well, 7 days home... Suddenly, my car insurance agent called me to inform me that someone submitted a claim against me saying that I had an accident with their car. So I have to do, I not know what? I am a very careful and safe driver and that is what is stated in my U.S. Driver's License.

This is the second time that I am being blamed for something that I did not do.

Previously, someone reported that I was parked at an address that I have never been to, and I had to pay a fine of 10 euros, not a lot, but still.
In fact, I was at home because my daughter takes the train to work and I stay with her baby. I work evenings, not mornings and they say I was parked at 10 a.m. in the morning. At that time I am handling the baby and on that day I was still in bed asleep. I did not go anywhere.
I don't understand, nor appreciate why Germans do this, and why the Government allows/accepts this types of actions.
In the U.S. you can go to jail for "false accusations." Do you imagine, those who are anti-American, or anti-foreigners... their lack of honesty and poor morale can cause others to suffer. That is not right.
Germany needs to change their abuse and misconception of what freedom means.
Don't judge the book by the cover... or by the color of the skin.

There is always a learning point for everyone and everything... I have not been living here long enough, to checked and observed (scrutinize all our life) all their rules. Just because you do not know a person's life story, it does mean that foreigners are to be treated as if they were suspects of a crime. The only crime, is perhaps: Not been a German, and not to be an expert at recycling trash. But is that a crime at all?

This should not be authorized by the German authorities, presenting false accusation is a crime, and could create political and social issues that no one needs at this time.



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