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Donald Trump as the President of USA. Yay or nay?☺


Donald Trump's speech:

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Most people like Trump for his impromptu, passionate,
non-scripted, non-politically-correct, unfiltered and raw words.

People also feel that Trump will not be influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups who donate money to influence political legislation because Trump is a billionaire:
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CNN interview with Donald Trump:

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Some Satire:

Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump
(A lot of money was raised for charity in good humor)
A 1hour special where comedians make fun of Donald Trump:

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Donald Trump satire video with 17million views and many likes:

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Donald Trump at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event:

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Recent GOP debate with Donald Trump front and center:

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Polling by CNN, MSNBC and Fox show that Trump leads by a wide margin as front runner.

Do you think Donald trump will make a good President of the United States of America?

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