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DOW JONES: The upturn in sight

DOW JONES: The upturn in sight

The Dow moves past seven years in a large corridor bullish:
The Dow Jones index moving in a bullish channel since September Protected content .
The pillars of this channel are located on levels Protected content support and Protected content .
We came back on the level of the terminal low mid-July.

A strategy clearly upward:
The confirmations of our scenarios in early July drop of about 40 dollars on oil and 14 figures on the European currency associated with the downturn in the Gold and the rebound in the dollar index would anticipate further movement rebound in overseas indices Atlantic and in turn on Europe. Our figure upward to Dojï on a graph monthly symmetrical to the October Protected content lead to the formation of a 'monthly Morning star pattern. For this weekend will be decisive. Next Monday will be 1 September with completion of monthly figures. A rebound last movement of about a hundred points to reach the level of Protected content force with such a scheme.

The Bulls objectives:
Rounding the level of resistance located Protected content the scenario of tracing bullish short term. The objectives Fibonacci calculated on the latest wave of decline since mid May would be located on levels Protected content , Protected content Protected content . A graphic image of the joint, this last point coincides with the resistance of chanel bearish internal corridor major bull. THE bullish medium-term objective would be located on level Protected content . Our ultimate goal is the last ratio on the level of Protected content .

The limits of our strategy:
Conversely, back below the level of Protected content our strategy in danger, the way invalidate definitely below the level of Protected content .
This point is the support of the bearish channel launched in April Protected content .

Louis-Serge Real del Sarte

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