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Easyjet Flight Cancellation - any chance of compensation?


Hi everyone

Last weekend I had a flight booked with Easyjet to a destination in Spain.
Flight departure was 6.35 am, however when arriving at the airport we were told the flight was cancelled due to a bird that flew into the engines. At 6 am they told us that a coach would take us to our destination at 8 am. However the coach arrived at 10.30 am (5.30 hrs. delay) and we got to our destination nearly 12 hours later, so we'd lost the day! Furthermore Easyjet did not properly keep us informed at the airport, neither did they offer us any drinks or food. Just before the departure they gave us food voucher for 4.50 € (joke!!!)

Our return flight was Sunday evening and guess what? The same happened. When we got to the airport we were informed that the flight was also cancelled (they didnt give us a reason) but that a coach would take us back to Madrid. Flight departure was 10.00 pm and the coach left at 9.30 pm.
On the way back to Madrid the driver drove like a maniac: far more that the max. speed of Protected content , was constantly changing lanes and believe it or not driving wiggly lines. It looked like he'd drunk alcohol. We nearly rammed a lorry while overtaking. We finally got back to Madrid at 3.30 am (planned arrival by plane was at 22.20)

Not only did we loose a days holiday (Friday) on the way back to Madrid we were also terrified sitting on the bus trying not to think of a possible accident. We also had to get up early for work on Monday but because we were knackered we didnt get much work done - day lost too!

I have flown many times with Easyjet and they never cancelled any flight. I know this can happen but the airline is obligated a) to offer an alternative transport within a reasonable amount of time (not 5 hrs later) b) offer any drinks or food from 2 hrs of delay c) keep us informed all the time.

We have now contacted Easyjet regards reimbursement of ticket and indemnification but I doubt we will receive any money.

Do you think we will get any compensation? Have you had a similar experience and if yes, how much money did you get reimbursed? What else should we do?

I'm happy about any information, because I'm very p*** off with they way the handled the situation.


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