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Greetings to all,

Wonder about Expats and world Traveler Solutions for education of their Children,

Specially who prefer their Children to know more about
apart from basic art, science, p.e, sports

because most schools, currently,
a. charge high.
b. still giving outdated or worthless / meaningless education.
c. have strict rules and regulations.
d. imposing thoughts of govt, companies who are supporting or donation funds
like promoting dairy and meat , dividing pupil by religion, region and color.

Hence, would like to know if there is any co-ordination of schools, online teaching, community,
so that child can get best support if doing home schooling or traveling and can learn what parents and child want for their good.

i hope good skilled / experienced teachers around the world make an union along with good schools, where they can also teach online and visit any school of word to give classes to such students, and even child can visit school if traveling or learn online.

thanking you

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