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Electronic Music (not politics)

Who here enjoys listening to and dancing to electronic music now that we have more time to do so (in my case anyway)?

Personally I like house music and all sub-genres thereof + more recently soulful and melodic techno. I listen mainly via SoundCloud + to DJ sets by DJ friends and their friends all over the globe who use that platform for music sharing and for selling their tracks. It's a way of supporting them too in these difficult times when traditional music venues are closed and festivals have been cancelled.

A little background: I wanted to be a DJ even in HS although I didn't go in that direction as a career. I've been into music since I was a child and became enamored with house music (the underground electronic kind) for nearly 20 years. My fav DJs are from Argentina, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Finland, etc. - very international much like here in IN. Music transcends languages and are soothing to the soul - very much needed in these times of sheltering at home.

Without further ado, let me share a few of the many sets I've been listening to recently and love are:

Argentina: Protected content

Montreal: Protected content

Berlin: Protected content

Tel Aviv, Israel:
Protected content

remixed in Jersey, UK:
Protected content

Denmark: Protected content

Armenia/LA: Protected content

Belgium: Protected content

Turkey: Protected content

If you like any of these and would like to connect via Soundcloud. Let me know via DM. I would love to connect with those who love and appreciate the same kind of music. Thanks!

Alicia (San Diego IN Dinner Nations Consul)

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