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Electronic Surveillance


To me, it seems that one of the fundamental parts of the state to citizen relationship is being broken here. If the state wants to enter my house or listen to my phone calls or see my bank account then they need a persuade a judge that it is necessary for the greater good and then get a court order (correct me if I am wrong). This policy allows the state to do its job at the same time as keeping some private freedom.

When it comes to Facebook, email or any other electronic traffic it seems that there is a very different policy. They collect and read/analyse/monitor everything. In today's world where telephones and mail are being completely replaced by electronic versions then this effectively means that know everything. They will know:
Your financial transactions.
Your political views.
Your relationship status
Where you go for holidays
What you buy
Your social circle
Your religion
And so on and so on.

I didn't create this thread to say that this is a bad thing. That is painfully obvious to anyone who knows a little history. Far more misery has been caused by evil regimes than terrorists could dream of.

The question I want to ask is:
"Why isn't there more outrage about this outrage?"

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