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Enviromental Campaign Thru Internet

Dear Internation Friends,

As today is an International Day for Biological Diversity, Together with this post, I would like to share that I have a plan to commence campaign regarding environment. I have been caring for nature and environment since I was in Junior High School. Now. I have also been involved in organization such as WWF, Greenpeace, and WalkFree.

Since I used to have a full time job, I could only involved in some of those organization thru online activist by re-promoting the campaigns thru my social media networks. Though, I would like to be involved more by attributing special blog for the campaigns from the mentioned organizations. As I am an Indonesian, I prioritize my target to Indonesian Youth, however, attracting international attention will matters to. This blog will be called 'Indonesian Patriots' and I am working for the content now.

Hence, If any of you have input for my idea, please kindly jump in. Every input will be invaluable. You may also log on to my current blog Protected content

Thank you.


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