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•Don't waste your time slaving away doing assignments when you can leave it in our capable hands! Essays, Research Reports, Dissertations, Case Studies, Critical Analysis
•Editing, Proofreading, Cover Letters, Resume Writing
•Professional academic assistance in most subjects
Feeling stressed out, trying to juggle between multiple writing assignments or research reports?

Are your majors too important and consuming too much of your time to worry about less important classes?

Want to take on extra credit hours and get through university quicker?

Besides your grades, do you have thousands of dollars in tuition/loans on the line?

We are passionate about a variety of academic subjects including English, literature, psychology, politics, history, economics, philosophy, sociology, and more. While we certainly are not experts in everything, we believe that we have the potential to learn about almost anything.

For the most part, we work seven days a week and are "plugged in" most hours of the day. So, while we cannot always respond to incoming messages the moment they hit our inbox, we do make an effort to reply as soon as we can.

Before accepting an assignment, we will give you an honest assessment of our views, initial feedback, and ability to write your paper. If we don't think we are the right team for the job, we will not hesitate to let you know.

Our team works on a sliding scale based on word count, due date and additional required readings, so please contact us for a quote!

We can reference in APA, MLA, Harvard, AMA, and any other format that is required.

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