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EUR / USD : Update Cylindrical study


EUR / USD : Update Cylindrical study

Our scenarios fall 14 figures have worked well:
The day after our announcement, the European currency has confirmed our strategy to double top 'W' to anticipate a drastic drop of more than ten figures. The EUR / USD has since dropped the level of 1. Protected content meeting on July 15 than 1. Protected content this week.

This net decline of movement should be traced:
Our scenario calls for short-term for a bullish retracement with the presence of a beautiful morning star pattern on a daily chart.
We maintain our strategy basic trend downward in the medium and long term. Taking into account the latest wave of declines, our goals Bulls calculated according to the Fibonacci ratios become: 1.4980, 1.5170, 1. Protected content 1.5500. The point on 1. Protected content is a strong resistance initiated in early March Protected content you could see on the graph enclosed. This trend right through the bottom of the meetings of March 11, May 8 and June 13. Once our goal favorite bull reached on the level of 1.5280, EUR / USD could reverse and come back to reach our next target on the level of 1.50. This represents the ratio of 0,618 Fibonacci movement early in our new strategy upward in the very short term.

A favourable context of anticipation:
Our scenarios mid-July of renewed dollar rebounds and indices with our anticipation of a fall of about 40 dollars on oil would anticipate pursuing our strategies correlated: rising shares in the medium term, further bursting of the bubble on raw materials initiated by a shock of demand on oil, fall of Gold, tight rate spread USA and Europe in the line of our "", in turn slowing of inflation, strong rebound in the dollar index drops in the euro. Our short-term strategy on the U.S. indices would anticipate a break correlated with the rebound in the EUR / USD and Light Crude Oil once reached our ultimate goal.

The limits of our strategy:
A rebound beyond the level of 1. Protected content allow the European currency to achieve its objectives cited above, without putting in question our bearish scenarios in the medium and long term. Only one passage of the EUR / USD beyond the level of 1. Protected content these expectations. Conversely, the breakdown in the very short term the declining level of 1.4600, close to our previous goal perfectly precedent would impair our strategy rebound in danger. Slide in the very short term the currency up to the level of 1.47 would not jeopardise our strategy rebound

Our goal bearish medium-term once made this rebound:
A confirmed break in the very short term level of 1. Protected content any prior rebound and allow the currency to achieve our goal bearish medium-term located on the level of 1.4360. This represents a ratio of 0,382 last upward movement of the currency since November Protected content the level of 1.1641. This objective 1.44 coîncide also with the right support initiated in February Protected content the bottom of meetings from January Protected content .

Louis-Serge Real del Sarte
Europeazn Director at Global Equities

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