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Euro Investors Holding Corp.

Investment, Financing, Marketing & Consulting!

Euro Investors Holding Corporation(EIHC), is an investment holding company established with effect from 1 April Protected content , after the restructuring of the former Corporate Business Capital “CBC”.

The Group’s interests consist of investments in Shipping, Banking and Financial Services.

The Company’s activities are concentrated mainly on the management of investments and the provision of support rather than on being involved in the day-to-day management of business units of investees.

Subsidiaries not wholly owned are mainly listed companies with independent boards of directors on which this Company has non-executive representation. Non-subsidiary investments comprise both listed and unlisted companies not controlled by this Company and which are mostly associated companies due to significant influence and Board representation.

Investment Philosophy:

Euro Investors Holding Corporation, invests in businesses that can deliver superior earnings and dividend growth over the long term. This involves the acquisition of meaningful interests in companies that have sound management and have the ability to generate strong cash returns and growth.

EIHC forges strategic alliances on a partnership basis and endeavors to add value where possible. The purpose is to ensure excellent returns to shareholders by way of dividend and capital growth.

Corporate Governance:

The Company is an investment holding company. Reference to “the Company” may also denote the Company and its wholly owned subsidiaries. Each entity in which the Company is invested has its own governance structures. In giving effect to its risk management responsibilities, EIHC has also approved the maintenance of a broader continuous risk management review program to ensure a coherent governance approach throughout the Group.

The EIHC Board advocates sound governance practices by all entities the Company is invested in. Effective corporate governance forms part of EIHC investment assessment criteria. It will be monitored by EIHC non-executive representation on those boards.


Euro Investors Holding Corporation is a strategically placed Consultancy firm that excels in providing tailor made financial solutions. Founded in Protected content , Euro Investors Holding Corporation pro actively adopts innovative strategies to facilitate our clients in meeting their key objectives in areas including: capital raises, debt placements, facilitating strategic and financial partnerships, merger and acquisition transactions. Our highly skilled team of professionals helps to evaluate alternative financial solutions, source key investment capital, aid with corporate restructuring and key negotiating terms by applying our diverse and extensive expertise in this area.

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