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Even hollywood is waking up to reality of God!


I have just watched a hollywood box office release called " Life of Pi" directed by Ang Lee and it just blows me away with so much of simple and yet very striking and thought_provoking dialogue lines not to mention an amazing plot

but what i want to share with internations forum readers is how even hollywood is waking up to the reality of god, evident from the direction that was taken in the making of this movie which is in support of the idea of God.

its not that the movie has a religious plot, i of course hope by this thread i did not scare all the atheist and disbelievers LOL and you can always focus on the fact that this is great and high quality entertainment

but i'm thinking this movie will definitely do disbelievers in this forum some good since they may want to know that science and God is actually complementary where science can be the gateway to question and find out the greater mystery regarding the creator.

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