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Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives


Dear All,
I have a question on my mind for a long time; “What is the real meaning of life?” Most of us do have an answer to this question but we fail to put our dreams into practice. We are not taking risk to follow our dreams in life and we are not doing anything but thinking and saying that “That would be awesome! ” Some people think that it is too late to make such changes in life. We are committing what we have been taught to memory. We are examined and graded in our professional and social life. We are just educated and trained not to be “different”. And maybe, unfortunately, most uf us are passing away without achieving our desired dreams in life. Working to live or living to work? Why are we not be able to get balance in life? I have met so many people who own a company and rich but get anti-depressan pills. It is certain that richness or career are not enough for the happieness. Altough some of us know what to do in life to become a happy person and put our dreams into practice, we are not be able to take a step forward, why? Why find we it difficult that much? Why do we scare of changes itself? How will we be writter of our life story? Those who have experienced such situation should share their stories for the people who need it. This forum is definitely suitable for this topic. Internations has many members who overcome such situation and made their dreams come true. This would be so valueble to hear their stories and tips. Also, I want you to watch a video on youtube about this topic. It is so interesting. Link:
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