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Ex Pat family wanted for TV pilot

Ex Pat family wanted for pilot run through of a fantastic new TV Game Show.


UK TV company Boom Pictures are looking for an ex pat family who are up for taking part in pilot run through of a fantastic new TV game show that gives an ex-pat family and their relatives back in the UK the chance to win a 5-Star family reunion.

In order to trial the quiz in front of the broadcaster we looking for a family (4 ex pat members of the same family) to play the game live via Skype in their home town with four members of their family back in the UK.

For this pilot we can cover expenses but unfortunately we can't offer the reunion or prizes. But we can guarantee that you will be picked to play the quiz for real if it gets commissioned.

If you are an ex-pat UK family living in either: East coast of the USA. Cape Town or Montreal and are up for finding out more please email Protected content
or ring Protected content


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