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Exhibition: Religious tolerance


Exhibition in Gasteig, Munich Germany
Sat, 25.09. Protected content , 10/12/ Protected content 8. Protected content clock / Glass Hall , 1 OG

The text is translated from German:

The Sultanate of Oman is a modern and Islamic tradition- country on the Arabian Peninsula , which is only in recent years increasingly discovered by Europeans. The exhibition provides an insight into the culture and society of the country , which is marked by a liberal attitude towards different directions, Islamic and other religions.

The majority of the population of Oman are neither Shia nor Sunni , but Ibadhis , an Islamic faith , not only in Western but also in the Arab world is hardly known . The philosophy of Ibadhis based on the principle of religious tolerance and avoidance of conflict and violence.

In Oman, were always members of other faiths , like Jews , Christians, Hindus and others. The principle of religious tolerance was accepted their presence and they were no discrimination because of their religious affiliation. Today , a large number of followers of various religions in Oman, where the state allows the free exercise of religion. There are numerous Christian churches of different orientation, but also temples for Hindus and Buddhists.

The exhibition will be raised to 20 information boards issues that affect us too Christian-influenced Europeans: The co-existence - existence of different religions, the Islam practiced in everyday life and the role of women. The exhibition also tries to convey the special value of the holy book of Muslims - the Koran - . In addition to the informative display panels , replicas of ancient Koranic writings and other historical books and verses will be shown on camel shoulder bone.

Documentary filmmaker and Grimme Prize winner Wolfgang turned Ettlich to accompany the exhibition, two films to be shown during the exhibition. The first portrays the religious life of the various religions in Oman , the second Islamic art in the Sultanate .

A brochure accompanying the exhibition , visitors will receive free of charge.

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Note also the MVHS - slide presentation »Oman : Jewel in the Arabian sun " (Di , 28.09. Protected content , 20.00 clock , floor, room Protected content .

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