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Expat in Africa - my story

Africa, what can I say, it amazing, scary, beautiful and heartbreaking. It's the full the full package.

I arrived in South Africa in Protected content Portugal, Europe. It took me a good 5yrs to get used to the lifestyle, but still, Europe is very different from South Africa. I then moved to Mozambique, Kenya and lastly Angola now I am back in SA.
I have worked with multinational and smaller companies. Providing solutions such as Visa, Recruitment and managed services.
I have lived in huge cities and in the "bush".
Nothing will ever compare to the bush and the African continent. The bonds you create in those harsh environments and the skills you gain, are priceless and will forever last. There are no words to explain the experience or the bonds.

I have recently moved to RSA and opened up my own business doing mainly Visa and Recruitment while offering other services and managed solutions in RSA and Africa.

Africa is a great place to be.

Tell me about your experience and your thoughts on Africa.

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