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Expat women living in Bangalore

Hi everyone!

I am a French student and I am currently writing my thesis about expat women in countries said to be very male-dominated. I would like to know more about the experience of expat women and their integration in male dominated countries, especially in the professional field, how they can be seen and accepted by their male colleagues, etc. Actually, I am married to an Indian and I know that at the workplace, India is not as male-dominated as we think: nowadays, most women study and work, more and more reach high positions, and they are also very present in the political field.

So, I thought knowing more about expat women in India, which is said to be more male-dominated than my country for example, would be relevant for my research work. I want to know how your male colleagues other there consider you, especially people from India, and how you're considered in society, if people are prejudiced against you because they consider a woman should consider her family first and not business... It would also be great to prove our stereotypes wrong ;)

So, I would be glad if some members of your group could help me with my work. If you're willing to share your experience with me, please contact me through a private message ;)

Thank you so much for considering my request! Have a wonderful night!

Cynthia Dreyel

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