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Expats in the Netherlands- survey maternity care

My name is Noor Brunnekreeft and I am writing my thesis about maternity care to the expatriates in the Netherlands. The purpose of my research is to define a promotional plan accustomed the the needs and behaviors of the Anglo Saxon (and Indian) market in Amsterdam/Amstelveen, due to their large representation here.

I am researching what aspects should be taken into account as a maternity care organisation to better assist and reach the expatriate communities. Additionally, I would like to explore what their vision is towards the Dutch maternity care system and how an organisation could eliminate their possible fears/misunderstandings. How do expatriate make their health care decisions are all important in order to establish a promotional plan.

Therefore, I have got an online questionnaire which only takes about 5 minutes for mothers or expected mothers in the Netherlands.

The survey can be filled in on the following link:

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Thank you very much in advance!

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