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Exploring Spain&Portugal? Free-rides? Interested?

Dear interested traveller,
I am Dutch, I live in Spain and work in Turkey, Portugal and Spain. For my work I am travelling quite a lot; like every month averagely 1,5-2 weeks. As I am driving all of that, I was wondering if there are people interested in site seeings in Iberia, but have no means to do so. Perhaps a synergy is possible to find?
I like to meet new people, Iberia is beautifull to explore, I am travelling alone, and it seems that the hitchhiker does not exist no more or is not allowed on the road. So if anybody is interested in trips through Iberia year round, or part of routes let me know, maybe we can combine things.
I mean everybody in the world should see Sevilla, Lisboa, Oporto, Madrid, Salamanca, Valencia, Alicante, Andalusia, Granada, Jaen, Cordoba, Pamplona, Galicia etc etc etc...Lets see what we can do in Protected content .
My name is Bart, I am a tropical Forester by profession and I am stuck in South of Europe working in logistics at the moment!
Happy holidays, happy travelling into Protected content

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